We are suppoters of the Odanadi charity and helped with the construction of a rescue home for boys in India. Vulnerable children are forced, lured and trafficked away from their homes and families for various illegal activities. In the hands of traffickers, young people are often bribed, brainwashed, robbed, drugged, raped, beaten, brutally disfigured and often end up enslaved, working in brothels, on the streets. The H22 Group is proud to help the charity in all their rescue work.

Dear David and H22, Thanks again for your donation and it was great to speak to you yesterday. Stanly and Parashu were very pleased. It was a very generous donation and it will help a lot with the boy’s home. We are happy as we can continue with the building of the boys home
Bally Odanadi Children’s Homes

Dear David and all at H22.
I hope you are doing well. I do not know how to thank you all. Iam presently overwhelmed with joy and the hopes you all have created about the future of Odanadi. Thank you so much for every good feeling you have about Odanadi.

The boys home construction is going on slowly. I got the call a few days back from Collin saying that the Adventure Ashram has decided to support Odanadi’s Boy’s home. It is honestly an amazing feeling for us because me and Parashu have been dreaming to see a good home for our boys from many years!

All the children are doing well. Pallavi remembers you a lot. I hope you will come again to see your brothers and sisters. I wish all the best in all your business and personal life. Stanly KV

A minor girl from Nepal, was rescued from a human trafficking racket in Periyapatna in Mysore district on March 31, was reunited with her mother. The girl was rescued by Odanadi Seva Samste.

Just tried to call you all because I am with Stanly who runs Odanadi. We have seen the house and it is incredible. The boys all love it and you can feel the sense of ownership they have over it.

Know you have made a huge difference to these boys that already live there and another 21 boys who have been identified to be rescued and move in by Christmas. Nov 2012 Fritha Vincent AdventureAshram

H22’s invaluable input in the project when money seemed impossibly difficult.